This multi-arts festival celebrates poetry, philosophy, arts, the environment, activism, being human and alive, and Tamborine Mountain as a place of peace and beauty.


The festival is inspired by the lives and work of poet and activist Judith Wright and her partner, author and philosopher Jack McKinney, who lived together on Tamborine for nearly 20 years (1948-1966).

Festival events include poetry walks, visual arts events, talks and panels, local library happenings, poetry and philosophy workshops, poetry in the pub, and events for and with young people.


The festival will feature a revival (14/15 May) of the play Hearts Ablaze, written by local Janis Bailey, at the Zamia Theatre on Tamborine Mountain. The play covers the Tamborine years of Wright and McKinney. The play also runs at other locations in June.

While I’m in my five senses
they send me spinning
all sounds and silences,
all shape and colour
as thread for that weaver,
whose web within me growing
follows beyond my knowing
some pattern sprung from nothing –
a rhythm that dances
and is not mine.

From the second stanza of ‘Five Senses’, by Judith Wright, in the collection Five Senses (1963) and reproduced in Judith Wright: Collected Poems (1994).